10 Jun

Segue of the Day 6/10/04

As I mentioned in this post, I often hear great segues when listening to music on random play in iTunes. I’m keeping track of them here so I can eventually go back and use them in mix CDs.

Today’s great segue takes us back to the 80s: “This Time” by INXS, into “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins. The first ends on a held guitar chord, then the opening piano riff of “Hold Me Now” comes in in the same key, fitting perfectly. The second song is slower than the first but not too slow, and both melodies have a certain wistfulness that ties them together.

(Disclaimer for this and future entries: I am a melody person, not a lyrics person. In other words, my impression of a song usually comes from the music, almost never from the words. Often I have trouble even figuring out the lyrics other than the really obvious ones; it’s just something weird about how my brain works. So when I say a song is “wistful” or “angry” or anything like that, unless I mention otherwise, I’m probably describing the music. Which is occasionally at odds with the lyrics, but that’s rock and roll for ya.)

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