17 May

“A blazing chandelier to swing your dreams upon”

The new Seattle Central Library is opening in a few days. I’m looking forward to visiting. Like many, I am unsure about the unusual design—there are some amazing things about it, but until I get a chance to explore the place, I can’t really say whether I like it or not.

Herbert Muschamp of the New York Times has no such problem. He loves it. ” In more than 30 years of writing about architecture,” he says, “this is the most exciting new building it has been my honor to review.” He goes on to compare City Librarian Deborah Jacobs to “popes and princes as an instigator of fabulous cities.” Well, day-um.

“Stairs and escalators—vertical circulation—are painted bright chartreuse, except for a grand staircase that leads, through a mouthlike opening, to the public meeting rooms. These stairs are painted a yummy lipstick red, as are the cavernous corridors off which the meeting rooms open. We have, it seems, entered the body politic with a good deal of passion.”

There is also a slide show of library photos, linked from the right sidebar. I really like the floormats with Dewey Decimal Numbers in the Book Spiral—it’s going to be so easy to find things!

7 thoughts on ““A blazing chandelier to swing your dreams upon”

  1. I liked his snark on the EMP — something along the lines of a creature that slimed its way out of the sound, flopped over and died.

    How come my RSS reader isn’t picking up your feed anymore?

  2. Good question, Brian. WordPress is having some RSS issues according to the folks on the support forum, but they aren’t this issue; AFAICT the feed is still readable and being generated. The posts are showing up in LiveJournal’s syndication of the feed, so I know the feed is working. So I’m not sure what to suggest.

    If you can read Atom feeds, we have one of those, so you might try that.

  3. My guess is that one of the feeds that you had running before the switchover got canceled with the upgrade. I resubscribed with one of the links below, and that worked. I was just surprised to pop in and see that you had been busy in the last month and I had no clue.

  4. I think you’re right. WordPress is generating an invalid URL for one of our feeds. It also seems to be the feed that Blogstreet is using. I can see what is wrong with it but I can’t figure out how to fix it.

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