15 May

TBT apparently forged towing authorization

As alleged in this comment earlier this week, a state investigator has found that TBT Towing towed a vehicle from the Starbucks lot on East Olive Way, using a barista’s forged signature to authorize the action.

Note this excerpt:

“Woodrow [Rick Woodrow, the General Manager of TBT] said some of his drivers are paid on commission and it’s impossible to track what each driver does every day.”

Commission? Talk about a conflict of interest. I cannot see any reason why a towing company should pay by commission. I suggest that an excellent way to cut down on some of these unethical activities might be to forbid commission payments to tow drivers. It won’t solve the entire problem but it would help a bit.

Not to mention the bit about “it’s impossible to track what each driver does every day.” Maybe, but it seems that it might be in TBT’s best interest to try a bit harder. Is it the company-wide attitude to wink and nod at these transgressions?

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