6 thoughts on “Good news/bad news

  1. Well, who really uses their phone for talking these days anyway? I mean, the ratio is huge between the minutes typing texts and emails on my phone and the minutes I actually speak. Majority of minutes spoken are while at home anyway (for the free long distance)!

  2. My old phone couldn’t send text messages, so I’m used to using the phone for talking. You can bet I will be using the headset to talk on this one! No taco-talking for me if I can help it!

    Still, despite the N-Gage’s well-documented design and UI screwups, it’s a neat little gadget. With a memory card, you can store lots of games and music on it, and it supports MAME so I can play classic old video games. And it’s a phone too, with the associated phone features of a calendar, contact list, etc. So it’s not bad. The sidetalking is dumb and having to remove the battery to change games is dumb, but I will mostly play games from the memory card so that’s no big deal.

  3. Jake– 😛 It was a gift! And there are lots of emulators that run on it. How can that be bad?

    Anita, I don’t think the new one is out just yet. Soon. It won’t have the sidetalking. Mine is the old one. (It’s actually a used one, hence cheap.)

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