15 Apr

Disturbing religious mail

He's looking at you! Last week we got an envelope in the mail from some church we had never heard of. Inside the envelope was the “prayer rug” (actually, just a folded piece of paper) pictured here, with some creepy text at the bottom. I mean, come on. He opens his eyes and looks at you? This could give someone nightmares. Look at that picture — the eyes do look open. And they probably follow you around the room, too.

Enclosed with the “prayer rug” was a letter on which we are supposed to put a checkmark next to our prayer needs. And contribute a healthy chunk of money to this “church,” of course.

Honestly, this makes me angry, the way this preys on people’s desperation.

4 thoughts on “Disturbing religious mail

  1. Oh, I know they aren’t new. My mom used to get them too. Lots of mail from folks like “Rex Humbard” with little prayer tokens and stuff. But this is the first one we have gotten. I wonder what mailing list we are on to have gotten it.

    New or not, they still make me mad.

  2. Hmmm, quite weird. But it’s no big deal. Just kneel on the rug, ask God to give that church all the money they need and then send the rug back with a note explaining what you did. If their prayer rug is legit, they’ll get their money. 😉

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