12 Feb

Obsessive Carbophobia

The Atkins folks adapt one of Chuck Taggart’s recipes without asking first and Chuck has a few things to say about it in his Looka! blog:

Any fierce anti-carbohydrate regimen that even calls for the elimination of one teaspoon of flour from a gumbo, there simply to make the roux, doesn’t border on the obsessive, it crosses that border and seems to me to be an invader. Eat a balanced diet with a reasonably sized serving portion! Get outside or to the gym and move that big arse of yours!

He makes the point that the motive for much of the Atkins recommendations is more likely to be money than health. The product Atkins wants you to use instead of the tiny amount of flour in the roux is 24 times more expensive than flour, and the profits go right to the Atkins company.

(When you follow the link to Looka!, you will have to scroll down. It links to all of today’s posts, not just this specific one.)

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