04 Feb


I’m surprised I didn’t know this: Marvel and DC hold a joint trademark registration on the term “Super Heroes” and variations thereof. The link above includes an interesting discussion on the topic, and this article clarifies the situation somewhat. I do think that the term has become the generic term for costumed heroes, and I am surprised that no one challenged the original registration, since the term was generic by then as well.

Since I am discussing comics, I would just like to throw in an unrelated comics complaint (to DC, anyway, since I’m a longtime DCU fan). Bring back the damned lettercols. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Superhero™

  1. Message boards are great, but not in place of the lettercols. They were always part of the ritual of reading the comic; read the story, then complete the experience with the note from the editor, and the messages from other readers. Every time I read a comic now I miss those lettercols dreadfully. And of course, when you go back to reread your comics in a few years, there won’t be the fun experience of reading the old letters with them. Message boards are just… different.

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