14 Jan

Seattle Movie Theaters and Union Projectionists

Just stumbled on this page rating local movie houses while searching for information on which theaters employ union projectionists. I’m still not entirely sure what the current status is for local theaters, though the review page does list some tidbits, but I found out that the union for the local projectionists is IATSE Local 15 which was officially organized as a stagehands’ union in 1893. The above link leads to a story told in 1913 by a charter member of Local 15:

“In 1885 we thought we had worked long enought for 50 cents and struck for 57 cents a performance. The manager would not pay it and tried to work the show himself with help of the ushers. They tried it one show and then we all went back to work on the next show and received 75 cents a performance. We did not have any trouble after that.”

09 Jan

Hello rain

Back in Seattle. Missed the snow; now it just looks like plain old boring rain. It might be a few days before I get back to posting much here, since I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on.

I sure do like that Hawaiian climate. Sigh.

07 Jan

Still in Maui

This is our last full day in Maui. Jason is out snorkeling while I am catching up with e-mail (I don’t swim) and thinking about having an ice cream cone. Yesterday we drove to the summit of Haleakala to see the sunset. The summit is 10,023 feet up and it is darned cold up there, but the view is stunning. Then the stars came out. Venus is incredibly bright in the evenings right now. The moon is full and it was right next to Saturn, near Orion — quite a show.

01 Jan

Happy New Year from Hawaii

Happy New Year to you! I’m posting this from an Apple Store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii. I will try to post more about the trip when I get a chance. It’s been cloudy and rainy for pretty much the whole time, but at least the rain here is warm.

Unfortunately, there’s no Wi-Fi in the hotel, or I’d post something every night for you.


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