19 Jan

Diet Coke With Lime

Diet Coke With Lime might be tasty. In general, citrus flavor makes diet beverages far more tolerable to me, since it seems to hide the aftertaste of the artificial sweetener. (Fresca is so good it doesn’t even taste diet.) The article also says that they are reformulating Diet Coke with Lemon, which is a good thing since I think they did a terrible job with it the first time. So where can I find this lime Coke around Seattle? (Via Anita Rowland, who read it on GirlHacker.)

6 thoughts on “Diet Coke With Lime

  1. Call me strange, but I love the taste of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. I can’t stand the normal Pepsi and Coke drinks. I love that artificial sweetener aftertaste. Whatever is wrong with me, it’s no little thing.

  2. Verdict: It’s OK. I wouldn’t call it good, but it’s better than regular Diet Coke. (I love sugar Coca-Cola, but hate Diet Coke; I hate sugar Pepsi, but like Diet Pepsi, and I like Pepsi One the best of all the diet colas, with Diet Vanilla Pepsi a close second. Weird, huh?)

    Actually the lime Diet Coke smells really good — better than it tastes for sure.

  3. To get the same effect, why not keep lemons and limes in your home and put a slice in your glass with your soda? I’ve a friend who does that, and cannot live without it now. Similar to the lemon in the water glass, only worse for you.

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