3 thoughts on “Another reason to hate Wal-Mart

  1. I just don’t think that you should be able to buy meat, shoes, fetilizer, dog chew toys, suet cakes for birds, paste and milk in the same store. I’ve got to believe the ghosts of many cows linger around Wal-Mart stores morning their disassembly and scattering of parts and components throughout a single store. The moojo has got to be reeeally messed up.

  2. Locking up night crew at night is not new, and not just something Wal-Mart did. There are plenty of better reasons to be irritated with Wal-Mart than that (like way-less-than-optimal service and attitude). The K-Mart that I worked at would lock their crew up at night as standard operating procedure.

    With no managers around, night crew was free to do what they liked as long as the work was done. Locking them in at night protected the managers’ interests, the crew’s safety, and increased their freedom. After all, how many of us can move from our building 8 hours at a time when we work? Many do not have the option of getting the work over with and knocking off to kick back. Or waiting till the last hour and getting it done in a frenzy.

  3. Wow. You realize that this is illegal, right? And that if there had been a fire at the store it would have meant that no one could get out? I can’t believe anyone is defending this activity. It did take 3 years for someone to post a defense, though!

    (KMart is just as sub-optimal in service, attitude, and overall atmosphere as Wal-Mart, believe me. I don’t go to KMart either.)

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