31 Jan

Amusing UK place names

From Crapstone to Great Cockup to Pratt’s Bottom: this list of “159 of the most stupidly named places in the UK” (i.e., names that are, as the page says, “smutty”) is quite entertaining. Each name is linked to a map of the location, just in case you don’t believe such places could actually exist.

You have to love a country with place names like Nasty, Rotten Bottom, and Twatt, don’t you?

29 Jan

Doomed iBook

So, Apple has finally done the right thing and created a program to cover the replacement of the defective logic boards in certain iBooks. Which is good, and they should have done it a long time ago. However, I see from reading this announcement that I am doomed. My iBook’s serial number is included in the group of covered iBooks. I wonder what the percentage of iBooks with this problem is, and the likelihood that mine will fail. It’s great that Apple will fix it for free if it happens, but I certainly don’t want to lose the use of the iBook for days or longer while the work is done. I am crossing my fingers.

27 Jan

Bad neighbor.

Ken Woolcott bought a historic house on Queen Anne Hill — a 1914 house by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s prot?g?s that was “one of the 10 or 15 most significant houses in the city.” Did he restore it? No. He had it demolished without even allowing a serious attempt at salvage.

The secretiveness of the project indicates that he knew there would be objections, and so the demolition was done without even giving preservationists and historians a chance to document the house and salvage reusable items. The selfishness of such an act (and the weak justifications given by Mr. Woolcott) sadden me greatly.

I understand that he owns the property now, but when one buys a historic property a certain responsibility comes with it. He could have allowed the home to be moved, studied, or salvaged before building his new dream home (which I imagine will be a monstrosity). He didn’t. He may have financial wealth, but he’s awfully poor in the civic duty area.

25 Jan

Hawaii 1: Hungry Fish

I haven’t gotten around to posting much from the Hawaii trip yet, but I will try to get some photos up for you over the next couple of weeks, one or two photos at a time.

Hundreds of koi in a very small area

On our first full day in Oahu, we visited the Byodo-in temple in the Valley of Temples, near Kaneohe. There are many koi in the ponds, and if they think they are going to be fed, well… you get this photo. Jason had a bag of fish food and there was definitely a feeding frenzy.

As we walked from one place on the pond bank to another, the fish would follow us. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of that, but it was really pretty funny watching the fish follow Jason as if he was their god.

22 Jan

From bacon to soap

From a big pile of bacon fat to a big pile of soap. I have tried this, though not with bacon fat but with a vegetable fat instead. I forget which one. A local soapmaker came over and gave a class for about 5 of us, in our kitchen, and helped us make soap for Christmas a couple of years ago. The homemade soap came out very well, though we added scents to it so it wasn’t just plain.

19 Jan

Diet Coke With Lime

Diet Coke With Lime might be tasty. In general, citrus flavor makes diet beverages far more tolerable to me, since it seems to hide the aftertaste of the artificial sweetener. (Fresca is so good it doesn’t even taste diet.) The article also says that they are reformulating Diet Coke with Lemon, which is a good thing since I think they did a terrible job with it the first time. So where can I find this lime Coke around Seattle? (Via Anita Rowland, who read it on GirlHacker.)

18 Jan

Everything you might want to know about Oceania

Jane’s Oceania Home Page is a fascinating compendium of information about the islands of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. The site is not well-organized, so at first glance its depth might not be apparent — but it’s a vast amount of cultural and historical content.

Just a few examples of what can be found there:

You can spend hours just bouncing from page to page reading interesting things about the islands. I wish the site’s design and organization was a little better, but even despite that I think it’s quite wonderful.

18 Jan

WordPress 1.0.1RC up and running

Well, the upgrade is running. The basic upgrade to a functional 1.0.1 (from 0.72) was easy. The killer was that they decided to change names of a bunch of files and functions, from b2* to wp*. This, of course, broke the customizations I had done. Even the style sheets I had made broke, though they shouldn’t have.

I know they wanted to get rid of all the b2 file names, but… I would have preferred not to have to spend the evening redoing my CSS and the HTML of the index page.

At least the files are all wp now, so with luck I won’t have to do this again.

Incidentally, there is a WordPress Documentation Wiki, which I had not seen before. Seems useful.

17 Jan

WordPress update

While I was out of town a new version of WordPress came out. I haven’t had time to think about upgrading, but I think I might try to upgrade tonight. So there might be some weirdness. I expect the templates might break temporarily. If things aren’t working, check back later.

17 Jan

“I’ve seen absolutely no truth whatsoever in what he’s saying”

“Hank Aaron is adamant: Pete Rose has no place in the Hall of Fame, or anywhere in baseball.” Baseball’s all-time home run champ told Sports Illustrated what he thinks about Rose’s recent “confession” and his chances at reinstatement. Aaron is right.

And, please. My Prison Without Bars? How much of a victim does Pete Rose think he is? Despite his ban he will never have trouble making a living. Perhaps he needs a dose of reality. He certainly does not need to be in the Hall of Fame.

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