23 Dec

Hell Money

Found via Anita Rowland: pictures of Hell money, with information about how it is used, and pictures of different types. Here’s another Hell money page. When visiting Vancouver’s Chinatown a few years ago, I found that there’s not just Hell Money but also Hell clothes (shirts and ties made of paper), Hell jewelry, Hell passports, and Hell cheque books. (Spelled the Canadian way on the book, hence I’m using it here.) I have a Hell passport and a Hell bankbook, cheque book, and “American Express” card (should that be Hell Express? Actually, it just says “The Bank of Hell,” though it has the familiar green Amex design).

I’m fascinated by these, and I actually sell some Hell bank notes and joss paper at Rubber Trouble, for collage artists to use.

3 thoughts on “Hell Money

  1. I sell Hell Notes on EBay. There’s stores in San Francisco devoted to Ritual Items such as Hell Passports, Foods, money, Hell Games for the spirits in the After World to play with.

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