05 Dec

Informed consent

I know someone whose husband, in his thirties, is planning to leave his career and go to med school. I recommended that she read the excellent Hermes – A Resident’s Life blog, mostly because it’s a good read, but also because it has some relevance to their future. Now, a few days later, the blog addresses some of her questions, and warns her what they are about to get into.

2 thoughts on “Informed consent

  1. Heh. Thanks for pointing me at that blog; I stayed up way too late that night catching up on his archives, but they were well worth it. I tend to attack my fears head-on by gathering as much information as I can (forwarned is forearmed, after all), and this is another step toward the goal of being as ready as I can be for Tom to take this major step. 🙂

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