04 Dec

No smoking in Pierce County

The Pierce County Board of Health voted yesterday to ban smoking in restaurants, bowling alleys, casinos, and bars. I suppose I should see if any good bands are playing in Tacoma, because now I’ll be able to go see them. It’s been so frustrating to be unable to see bands that I really want to see, and to not have the choice to see them in a smoke-free place (since flying to California on weekends is generally out of the question).

What’s interesting is that the article says 20% of Washingtonians smoke. 20%. What percentage of live music nightclubs are smoky? Probably 90%, at least. Why is it assumed that people who drink also want to smoke? (For that matter, I rarely drink, either, but at least if I don’t want to drink at a show no one is forcing it down my throat. I am forced to breathe the smoke, which is much more dangerous for me since I have asthma, and smoke tends to give me pneumonia. So I just stay home and curse the smokers for it.)

If they would invent a cigarette that was smokeless, I would have no problem with it. Smoke all you want right next to me, if there’s no smoke in my air. But I guess they haven’t invented a successful smokefree cig yet.

3 thoughts on “No smoking in Pierce County

  1. I am really happy that we have a smoking band in Washington state. I can finely walk into any restraunt that i like without the fear of having to breath in smoke from cigs. I think that this gives washington a much better reputation atlest Peirce County.
    ~Tiffany Clark

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