28 Nov

Safari crash cause found?

Though the Panther update has been mostly great, I have had consistent problems with Safari crashes, mostly right after using the ctrl-click menu. (Safari was very stable for me until Panther.) Recently I started to notice that a few other programs were crashing in the same situation; it’s just that I use the menu in Safari much more often, so it seemed like a Safari-specific problem at first. Well, I finally looked closely at the crash log, and what I saw there indicated that the problem might be with the version of Circus Ponies Notebook I installed a few months ago for testing. I checked the Circus Ponies discussion forum, and sure enough….

Since I was only running a demo version, and it had expired, I hadn’t updated to the newer version that fixes the problem. So this gave me incentive to remove all remnants of Notebook from my Macs. We’ll see if it works.

Regarding Notebook, it actually looks like a great program and I think it’s worth trying out; it just didn’t do what I was looking for at the time, which is why I didn’t upgrade to a paid version.

One thought on “Safari crash cause found?

  1. Follow-up comment: Since removing the CP Notebook app and plug-in (though it’s probably just the plug-in at fault) Safari has not crashed once on either Mac. Looks like the problem might be solved.

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