09 Nov

Impulsive? Me? Never!

Well, I did it. I played around with WordPress for a couple of days, and liked it so much that I just said “what the heck,” and switched over. This means the iBlog posts since September 29 are partially missing, but I will gradually put them into the WP blog. (In the meantime the old files still exist.)

Special note to those of you reading the RSS feed: Since I changed blog software, you might get some repeating posts. I really hope not and I apologize if it happens. One of the reasons I changed software is so that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen as much as it did with iBlog.

There’s a new design as well. If you liked the old one better, don’t worry — I’m going to set up the page so that you can click to choose which look you prefer, the new starry night design or the old rusty stripes one. Or maybe some others as well. 🙂

Anyway, do try it out, leave comments, etc. This should be better for us in lots of ways.

3 thoughts on “Impulsive? Me? Never!

  1. All the old iBlog posts are here in WordPress now. In theory it is possible to import the Blogger posts as well, but I’m not sure if I will do that. They are still accessible at the old link, which is probably fine.

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