23 Oct

Multitudes of Monopoly

With all the fuss lately about the Ghettopoly game, I was looking for some info on the alternate versions of Monopoly. It may not look like much at first glance, but this Monopoly game fan site has a ton of neat stuff, including photos and listings of all the different versions of the game. Just the US versions alone are a pretty substantial read, but then there are all the other countries…! Here you can see Gay Monopoly, Anti-Monopoly, and Salt Lake City – the Game of Monogamy, all quite a bit different from the Monopoly game you grew up with. (The tokens for Gay Monopoly are a hair dryer, a leather cap, a teddy bear, a high heeled shoe, handcuffs, and a jeep. Instead of Jail there is “Straight City”! There’s one of these games on eBay right now if you want it.)

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