17 Oct

“I believe… in The Curse.”

At 6:00 pm last night a guy made a post on Metafilter that started “As the Boston Red Sox are poised to head to the 2003 World Series…”, and gave a great recap of the Red Sox “Curse.” Well, we know what happened next.

The recap is pretty good, though, so if you are wondering what all of this “Curse” fuss is about, read the first couple of posts at the top of the page. The followup posts are tragically entertaining as well.

I guess I won’t bother watching the Series this year. You know, for the last week people around here have actually been paying attention to the playoffs, even though the M’s aren’t there. People cared about baseball again. We saw people watching the games in stores, in bars, etc., and uniformly cheering for the Red Sox and the Cubs. Bet they won’t pay attention to the Series in the same way. Ho hum, the (%#!#@ing) Yankees, and some team from Florida no one cares about.

Yes, I am bitter! (I’m a Seattle baseball fan; it comes with the territory.) Just one season, one, I would like to be happy with the way it ends. It doesn’t even have to be the Mariners winning. There are lots of other teams I’d love to see in the postseason. The Yankees and Marlins aren’t included in that list.

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