12 Oct

More random iBlog comments

More on iBlog: apparently there are some security issues involving the private blog feature on iBlog. If you aren’t publishing a private blog, however, this won’t affect you.

Another issue I have with iBlog, that I forgot to put in the previous entry, is that the interface could use some improvements in consistency. For example: some visual aspects of the site are controlled within iBlog>Preferences>General. Others are controlled in Resources>Manage Stylesheets. (And let me add here that I really like the ability to manage stylesheets this way — for those who don’t know CSS or want to deal with code, it’s lovely.) This is confusing; the editing of the blog’s visual styles should be done in one place.

The way my brain works, I expect to see the Navigation Editor in the same menu as Manage Stylesheets and Manage Templates. They seem related. But that might just be me.

There is something odd about the RSS feed as displayed in LiveJournal’s syndication (this blog is syndicated there as slumberland_org). There are weird line breaks that aren’t in the original content (here’s an example). I have noticed that the line breaks will specifically appear next to italic text, but that is not the only time they pop up. When they appear, they also appear wherever there is a line break in the code — which is interesting, of course, since HTML ignores line breaks. Also — it doesn’t happen on every single entry, only for some of them. I have looked in the RSS file sometimes and didn’t see the cause for this (but currently none of the posts in the RSS feed show this behavior, so I can’t check it now) so the problem may be on LiveJournal’s side. I don’t know. It’s awfully strange.

The Preview pane in Preferences is odd — I don’t understand why that section is called Preview. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the act of previewing. The choices made there specifically affect the configuration of the blog and there’s no reason why that pane should be called Preview.

(Comment deleted here because I was confused and criticized something that doesn’t actually happen.)

More comments when I think of them. I may get a whole list together to submit to iBlog’s author.

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