03 Oct

“Objectivity goes out when the ‘hot now’ sign goes on”

Have American journalists fallen too much under the spell of the Original Glazed? (And can you blame them? …Whoops! I’m doing it too!) The American Journalism Review discusses the fawning coverage of each Krispy Kreme store opening. The quote that struck me here was this one, quoting Minneapolis Star Trib columnist Doug Grow: “In Krispy Kreme, journalists see the brass ring, the way to reach the Everyreader. ‘We want to prove we’re not this big, corporate, cold, lefty newspaper–we’re a newspaper of the people,’ he says. ‘And what shows this more than getting excited over a donut shop.'” OK, sure. But “big, corporate, cold, lefty?” Corporate and lefty? Damn, that’s quite a trick.

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