01 Oct

“Why Macs are far superior to PCs and always will be.”

It’s the design, says Mark Morford of SFGate.com. Or, as he puts it, “something that actually adds a modicum of refined grace and simplicity and aesthetic warmth to the world, instead of sucking it away like so many disposable DVD players and garish LED-spasming boom boxes and 10-gallon drums of spaghetti sauce from Costco.” Having purchased two Macs this year, I know what he means about the experience of opening the new Mac box and starting it up. It is just so well-designed that you really feel you are getting something special. There was a time during the 90s when Apple seemed to be putting a bit less emphasis on design, and selling Macs that looked a little too much like the other PCs on the market. Those days are over, thank goodness. I just wish there were more manufacturers (of all kinds of things, not just computers) that cared about design the way Apple does.

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