30 Oct

New iBlog version is out

I’ve just installed a new version of iBlog (1.3.2) and now I’m going to find out if it still works. One of my comments earlier was addressed in this upgrade: “Preview preferences are now moved to the Add/Edit Blog sheet. See the ‘Display Attributes’ tab.” That’s good. I wonder if any changes have been made to the XHTML and RSS so they will validate now?

30 Oct

More lights tonight?

I drove out to North Bend last night, and did get a glimpse of the northern lights around 12:30 am or so. They were definitely green, and very cool. Then the fog rolled in, and when I got away from the fog, the aurora was gone. I’m not sure I’ll be up to looking for them again tonight, but apparently there’s a new flare and so maybe there will be more aurora to watch.

29 Oct

I used to work at the Daily Zero.

It’s common for newspapers to have pejorative nicknames, both as internal employee dark humor, and as external customer commentary on the perceived failings of their local media. The Olympian, where I worked as a graphic artist in 1992-93, was once known as the Daily Olympian, hence the “Daily O” or “Daily Zero.” The Cooper Point Journal or CPJ at Evergreen was commonly called “The Seepage.” And I have heard the Seattle Weekly called “The Meekly” many times. I can’t remember what people call the Times or P-I, though, except for the old “Fairview Fannie” nickname for the Times.

26 Oct

Panther so far

In the three days I’ve been using Panther, things have been mostly pretty good. I did run into some annoyances, and posted them on Macslash. Keep those fingers crossed that nothing else bad pops up. But basically it seems like a good upgrade and I’m pretty happy with it. Faster, new features that I will actually use… this is good.

24 Oct

Panther’s here!

I have my copy of Panther (Mac OS 10.3) installed. So far, all is well. Cross your fingers that it stays that way.

I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but I will say that the Expose feature ROCKS. Wow. That in itself might be worth the upgrade price. (Well, the educational upgrade price. Maybe not full retail. 🙂 )

23 Oct

WTF? Not shocking anymore?

Does it seem to you that a certain 4 letter expletive that starts with F and ends with K is a lot less shocking than it used to be? Perhaps it is, as discussed in this article in the Guardian. (Lots of foul language in the article. DUH. Must have been a fun article to write.) Of course, this article is from the British perspective, and they probably are less conservative about this in general than Americans. Still, though, I think it is true that we are much less shocked by that kind of language than we were even 20 years ago.

23 Oct

Not “the latest sad-kid suicide poster boy,” please

Ignatz was able to write what I could not last night: by his suicide, Elliott Smith condemned himself to enter “the Pantheon of Sad Artists, enshrined next to Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Nick Drake, Sylvia Plath, Karen Carpenter, and that really talented gal you knew in high school who offed herself … When you make art and die by your own hand, you turn into a Suicide Artist and your entire body of work becomes raw material for immature angst… every suicide-gesture livejournal will invoke your name in the daily goodbye to a thousand cruel worlds.” And this, he writes, is crap. That Elliott could not go on to produce more wonderful music is terrible and sad, but it is not romantic, and it is not the whole of his identity. He deserves to be remembered for his life, not his death.

23 Oct

Multitudes of Monopoly

With all the fuss lately about the Ghettopoly game, I was looking for some info on the alternate versions of Monopoly. It may not look like much at first glance, but this Monopoly game fan site has a ton of neat stuff, including photos and listings of all the different versions of the game. Just the US versions alone are a pretty substantial read, but then there are all the other countries…! Here you can see Gay Monopoly, Anti-Monopoly, and Salt Lake City – the Game of Monogamy, all quite a bit different from the Monopoly game you grew up with. (The tokens for Gay Monopoly are a hair dryer, a leather cap, a teddy bear, a high heeled shoe, handcuffs, and a jeep. Instead of Jail there is “Straight City”! There’s one of these games on eBay right now if you want it.)

22 Oct

“You were just a shooting star”

According to a post at his official site, Elliott Smith is dead by his own hand at 34. The loss is impossible to quantify. Elliott had so much talent, so much ability to touch people through his songs, that it makes it all the more painful that he had to go so young, in stereotypical tormented rock star fashion.

I knew it would happen; I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t. Rest in peace, Elliott.

(via Metafilter)

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