24 Feb

Where have I been? Well, multiple jobs and grad school do that to ya. Not to mention, whenever I tried to update the page Blogger always seemed to be down. Always. I’m serious. Either it’s down a hell of a lot or I just have the worst luck ever. Anyway, after a while I just gave up trying. But the page just looked too darned pathetic, so here I am again.

Here are a few pages I’ve been looking at lately (most found via MetaFilter, oh well):

  • Caring for your introvert
    Because I am one. Why do you think I do all my ranting online?

  • BBC Radio
    Because I like to listen to interesting accents, and I get a better signal via the computer than I do via my shortwave radio.

  • Is it time to move to Canada?
    A little shrill, but still interesting. Speaking of Canada, why can’t we get Aero bars here? And were the orange Aeros just a temporary thing, or can I still get some? Because they were goooooooooood.

  • Also speaking of Canada, did you know they play the awful Sleep Country USA jingle up there, too? Only it’s “Sleep Country Canada! Why buy a mattress anywhere else? (ding!)” Now that I’ve given you that earworm, check out this neat Seattle P-I article about ad jingles. (Warning — most of the ones mentioned are specific to the Pacific Northwest.)

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