28 Sep

I am just way behind in my blogging. I have two papers to write and a bunch of reading yet to do. But here goes a comment or two. This is what Subway stores are about to look like. No more yellow and white with old subway maps! I dunno, it’s hard to tell in this tiny picture, but it looks awfully bland.

Speaking of fast-food restaurant remodels, the Queen Anne Dick’s Drive In is finally remodeling. It was a Herfy’s location with indoor seating in the 70s, and when Dick’s took it over, they never changed anything — it kept its atrocious 70s look until now, and it was the only Dick’s location with seating. The new version is still unfinished, but it has one genius touch: the ordering counter is being made to look like one of the other Dick’s locations — that is, they are trying to make it look like one of the outdoor ones with a walk-up counter. It’s got the neon sign at the top and everything.

Of course, it won’t really look like an old-fashioned Dick’s Drive-In unless they fill it with crows trying to filch your fries. And that probably wouldn’t be sanitary.

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