21 May

The Librarian of Congress has rejected proposed ridiculous and outrageous royalty rates that would have charged Internet broadcasters a set fee for each listener that tunes in. I’m not opposed to paying royalties in a sane amount. This wasn’t a sane amount, and it would have penalized net broadcasters unfairly just for being netcasters, so the LoC did the right thing here. Celebrate by listening to my net radio station!

21 May

Middle school girls are exactly the same as they were when I was in junior high.

“Despite their own travails — the Hamilton Girls RAP teens are cool to the idea (of enforcing rules against school cliques and bullies). How would you enforce the rules? How would it change anything? The mean girls still wouldn’t like you, they object. “

Of course, they are right. And today, or tomorrow, these girls in the article will be harrassed because someone saw them in the newspaper.

People wonder why my friends in school were all boys… this is part of it.

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