20 May

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…
For my birthday, Jason gave me this and this (make sure you look at this large picture to see some of the coolest box set packaging ever). So far I’ve listened to 3/4 of the XTC set — it’s excellent. If you like XTC at all, you must get it. Period.

I’m only 3/12 through the soul box set (that is, halfway through the 2nd CD), but it’s also great, though very different from XTC, that’s for sure! The only problem with it is that it’s missing Stevie Wonder, Aretha, George Clinton/P Funk, and the Jackson 5/Jacksons — I may have to put together my own cd of the missing tracks. I suppose there were licensing issues, unfortunately.

If anyone wants to get me a birthday present… there is a link to my Wish List on the left. 😉

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