31 May

The World Birthday Web is back!

This was one of the neat old sites when the web was young and just having access to it made you feel like part of a community. You entered your birthday on the site, and then on your birthday random people from around the world would send you greetings. But then… spammers used it for nefarious purposes, so the site was taken down. Now it’s back, with added anti-spam security, but starting all over with a new database of birthdays. Add yours today!

31 May

Undeclared fans: There was an episode that Fox chose not to air this season. Now that the show’s been cancelled, it will probably never be seen. The wonderful folks at Television Without Pity managed to get a copy of the lost episode, “God Visits,” and have posted a great recap of its contents. Read this to see what you missed — and rumor has it, the episode can be found on certain file-trading networks, so start downloading! (Apparently there are two different versions, one altered to cater unsuccessfully to Fox network sensitivities.)

30 May

400 songs a minute, but no more old-school R&B. Clear Channel‘s acquisition of the Ackerley radio stations has been approved by the FCC, so now the broadcast monopoly which brings you Dr. Laura has arrived in our, until now, CC-free city. And they didn’t wait very long to start axing formats.

I actually liked the Beat, since it was the only station in town that played old R&B like Parliament and other stuff I remember fondly from the 70s and early 80s (in 1981-83 I worked for a radio station with an R&B format. It drove me nuts at the time, but I miss a lot of that music now). But Clear Channel doesn’t go for the urban old school format, in any of their cities.

My guess is that Quick 96 is a stunt. Any bets on the real new format? Whatever it is, I expect extreme suckage. I think I will reprogram the button on my radio now.

When I got my broadcasting license in 1979 (hey, I was only 14 at the time — the license, which was the old Third Class Radiotelephone license, expired long ago), the FCC rule was that one corporation or individual could own only 7 AM stations and 7 FM stations nationwide. This was to encourage diversity and local access to the airwaves. During the Reagan years, this rule was rescinded. Clear Channel owns 900 stations. Is this really in the public interest? At least the Ackerley chain was locally-owned and operated. Clear Channel has no interest in Seattle.

I just get more and more appalled with the monopolist-friendly business climate of today. Have we no common sense at all?

23 May

AIIIIIEEEEE. It is 6:49 am. I was up all night writing a paper on “the definition of religion.” And to think I wanted to take this class… *sigh* At least my music paper went well. Got that one back today. But my music homework is slipping this week, because I’ve spent SO. MUCH. TIME. on the religion paper. Oh, well, I think it’s almost done.

21 May

The Librarian of Congress has rejected proposed ridiculous and outrageous royalty rates that would have charged Internet broadcasters a set fee for each listener that tunes in. I’m not opposed to paying royalties in a sane amount. This wasn’t a sane amount, and it would have penalized net broadcasters unfairly just for being netcasters, so the LoC did the right thing here. Celebrate by listening to my net radio station!

21 May

Middle school girls are exactly the same as they were when I was in junior high.

“Despite their own travails — the Hamilton Girls RAP teens are cool to the idea (of enforcing rules against school cliques and bullies). How would you enforce the rules? How would it change anything? The mean girls still wouldn’t like you, they object. “

Of course, they are right. And today, or tomorrow, these girls in the article will be harrassed because someone saw them in the newspaper.

People wonder why my friends in school were all boys… this is part of it.

20 May

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…
For my birthday, Jason gave me this and this (make sure you look at this large picture to see some of the coolest box set packaging ever). So far I’ve listened to 3/4 of the XTC set — it’s excellent. If you like XTC at all, you must get it. Period.

I’m only 3/12 through the soul box set (that is, halfway through the 2nd CD), but it’s also great, though very different from XTC, that’s for sure! The only problem with it is that it’s missing Stevie Wonder, Aretha, George Clinton/P Funk, and the Jackson 5/Jacksons — I may have to put together my own cd of the missing tracks. I suppose there were licensing issues, unfortunately.

If anyone wants to get me a birthday present… there is a link to my Wish List on the left. 😉

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