30 Nov

You’ve all heard this news already. There’s not much I can add to what so many others have already said, lifelong Beatles fan that I am. All I can really say is, Rest In Peace, George. You did make a difference in the world.

Today I will listen to my favorite “lost” Harrison single, “What is Life?” Maybe I’ll try to play the riff on the guitar. Damn.

23 Nov

There’s just something neat about this, even if I can’t read it very well: news headlines in Latin. “Papa Legatos Religionum Convocat” (that one just seems right in Latin), “Osama Bin Laden Fugitivus.” It’s kind of neat that some people still use Latin on a regular basis. And this site comes to us from Finland, of all places!

08 Nov

“In the face of illness, baseball chooses to blow noses by putting gun barrels up nostrils.” That’s a rather strong way to put it, but Art Thiel is right when he says Minnesota and Montreal did not fail baseball. Baseball failed them. And the rest of us. The greatest game there is, and yet the owners and the so-called commissioner seem to want to do everything they can to kill it.

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