14 Sep

MetaFilter has been so busy over the last couple of days that I missed this link when it was first posted. It shows copies of the front pages of many of the special edition “extras” that newspapers published on Tuesday. It’s interesting to compare and contrast. The most common headlines appear to have been “Terror” and “America Under Attack,” in 60-72 point type.

I hope if I ever have to see a headline that large again, it will say “M’s Win Series!” Or, far better, “PEACE.”

14 Sep

I just saw a fighter jet overhead.

We live under the Sea-Tac flight path (and up the hill from Boeing Field). We are used to flight noise. But, even with flights beginning to happen again, it’s been awfully quiet. So quiet that when I heard this plane, I ran out into the other room to watch. But it wasn’t a nice, reassuring, Boeing 747 passenger plane. (I haven’t seen one of those yet.)

Perhaps I should be reassured by the military plane up there. Somehow, I don’t think I am.

14 Sep

As some of you know, I was an infographic artist for a daily newspaper a few years ago. So I’m more than a little interested in the infographic archive at nixlog. It’s a collection of infographics describing Tuesday’s terrorist attack. My favorite so far is this Dutch one, which is also available in Spanish. Everyone and anyone have linked to it, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s really an impressive Flash animation. It does an excellent job of illustrating the facts.

13 Sep

Yesterday Jason looked outside and noticed that the young men who usually hang out in the park across from our house had suddenly disappeared — leaving two backpacks sitting, abandoned, on the ground.

A few minutes later, it hit me. Backpacks? Abandoned? Bombs? And we looked out and saw that the packs’ owners had returned to pick up their belongings.

That we even thought, for a split second, that those packs could contain bombs, is just more evidence that the world has changed.

12 Sep

There are really no words for what happened yesterday.

My friend Matt was in the World Trade Center at 8:00 am EDT. 50 minutes later, the attack began. He was safe. But I can only imagine what could have happened — what did happen, to thousands of others.

Yesterday morning I dreamed there was another Seattle earthquake. Instead, I woke from the dream to hear Jason’s clock radio playing a simulcast of WCBS. I instantly recognized the tone of the reporters’ voices — there had been some kind of disaster. But every fact we heard was more and more unbelievable. One tower had just collapsed, and that was outrageous enough, in the most serious sense of the term. But a plane collided with it? And then a second? The implications dawned pretty quickly. A few minutes later the second tower collapsed, and despite only having two hours of sleep, I knew I wasn’t going to get much more.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen next. I can’t imagine anything good, right now.

Please, if you can, donate money to the Red Cross to help the thousands of people who will need it over the next few weeks. You can donate $1 and up via Amazon. Amazon is waiving their usual fees.

01 Sep

You can use this PDA to remind you to buy lots of dairy products. Quite possibly one of the oddest things I’ve yet seen on eBay. The best part is the list of Top 10 Things to do with it:

10. Message & track incredibly large butter-sculpted
????? mobile workers, field service vehicles

9. ??Justification for extreme refrigeration of all
??????Best Buy stores

8. ??Beaming butter business card to fellow techies
???? ?at networking events

7. ??Show up techies that purchased the Claudia
????? Schiffer edition Palm V

6. ??Reading butter-Palm compatible book titles during
????? long commute home

5. ??Highly unusual tech support call to Palm: “You
????? say your PDA is melting?”

4. ??Healthy Midwestern snack that melts in your mouth
????? not in your Palm

3. ??Cinnamon toast, lots of cinnamon toast

2. ??Freeze & deliver to Palm CEO, Carl Yankowski in
????? Christmas gift basket

1. ??Allow cows to manage busy schedule of milking,
????? grazing, sleeping

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