01 Sep

You can use this PDA to remind you to buy lots of dairy products. Quite possibly one of the oddest things I’ve yet seen on eBay. The best part is the list of Top 10 Things to do with it:

10. Message & track incredibly large butter-sculpted
????? mobile workers, field service vehicles

9. ??Justification for extreme refrigeration of all
??????Best Buy stores

8. ??Beaming butter business card to fellow techies
???? ?at networking events

7. ??Show up techies that purchased the Claudia
????? Schiffer edition Palm V

6. ??Reading butter-Palm compatible book titles during
????? long commute home

5. ??Highly unusual tech support call to Palm: “You
????? say your PDA is melting?”

4. ??Healthy Midwestern snack that melts in your mouth
????? not in your Palm

3. ??Cinnamon toast, lots of cinnamon toast

2. ??Freeze & deliver to Palm CEO, Carl Yankowski in
????? Christmas gift basket

1. ??Allow cows to manage busy schedule of milking,
????? grazing, sleeping

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