16 Feb

Weird Al’s Wishbox is a list of things you can buy Weird Al (and wife-to-be Suzanne) as a wedding gift. They want a microwave and a TiVo, among other things. Their other wedding registries are listed online, too, including an Amazon wish list. At least three items on that wish list are ones I own as well. The interesting thing is that almost everything on the Amazon list has been purchased already. Do you think that random fans buy him wish list items all the time? Must be nice! (My wish list is online, too. 😉 It’s interesting, anyway, to get a glimpse into celebrities’ lives via wish lists. Found at the always wonderful Pop Culture Junk Mail, which I really should read more often.

09 Feb

I’m still browsing around tvparty.com (what an amazing site this is), and now I’m on Saturday Morning Shows of the 60s & 70s. If you are around my age, this will really suck you in. 1972 — Fat Albert! Lidsville! Saturday Superstar Movie! And even one of the most obscure cartoons ever — Kid Power! (The review says “not very entertaining,” but as a seven year-old, I loved it. I still remember the theme song clearly.

09 Feb

ZOOM was one of my favorite shows as a kid. When I was about nine years old, I actually called our local PBS station and told them I wanted to start a local show kind of like Zoom. They actually seemed to take me seriously and my mom and I spoke with some folks down there several times about it. It didn’t happen, though, partly because I was a kid and went on to new ideas fairly quickly, and partly (I think) because my mom didn’t want to be a stage mother so she didn’t push it through.

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