29 Jan

I’ve been trying to get an interview at Go.com for ages, with no luck. Oh, well. The thing that really annoys me about this is the way the stock price skyrocketed after the layoffs were announced. This always happens — people profiting from others’ misery. I hate the market.

13 Jan

There are a lot of weird add-ons to GameBoys — cameras, etc. But this has got to be the oddest one yet. I guess they are trying to make sewing cool, or something like that. It’s actually not quite as freaky as it seems at first glance — the GameBoy stores useful stitch patterns on a cartridge. So in theory, you could get new cartridges with all kinds of new stitch patterns.

10 Jan

Geek History thourgh T-shirts. Very cool. I admit to having way too many t-shirts, because they really are a record of my history. (Not just geek shirts — skating competition shirts, concert shirts, etc.) I can’t bear to throw them out, because each one means something. But they are starting to overflow my closet, and I have a big walk-in closet… that’s a lot of shirts.

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