28 Dec

Disneyland has been so crowded this week that they had to shut down ticket sales, twice. I was there on Christmas Day, and we left the park right before the sales were halted. For what it’s worth, it was crowded, but still quite tolerable as long as you were willing to just stroll around and enjoy the park, or if you used the new FastPass system to get on the rides. But if it was your one day at the park, and you wanted to do all the rides, well — you were pretty much SOL.

The last time Disneyland halted the turnstiles was during the waning days of the popular Main Street Electrical Parade in late 1996, (a park spokesman) said.

The funny thing is that I was there then, too, in September 1996. At the time I read online that the day I was there was the third-highest attendance day in Disneyland history. I vaguely remember hearing the number 80,000 bandied about, but I’m not sure.

At any rate, it was darned crowded, both in September 1996, and in the last week. But we had fun. The “snow” on Main Street after the fireworks was really wonderful and magical — much neater than I’d expected. The Cast Members were very nice and friendly despite the crowds. The FastPass system worked great. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get around to riding the Matterhorn this time.

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