21 Nov

The Seattle Union Record is a newspaper published by the striking Times and P-I workers. They are currently online only, but plan to have a print version available within a week, to compete directly with the Times and P-I.

A front page notice reads, “We will cover the strike like any other story, without bias. The strike is, however, the reason we are doing this, a fact reflected by the first offering of columns in the Metro Seattle section. The columnists featured today are among hundreds of people who made the two Seattle dailies what they are — or were.

Reporters will continue to cover their beats, but for the Union Record instead of their usual employer. Meanwhile, today’s Times looks relatively normal. A comment on the front page tells us that the paper was printed early because of strike uncertainty. Tomorrow’s paper is when the effects of the strike on the paper’s quality ought to start becoming more visible.

06 Nov

I am typing this on my new toy: a strawberry iMac DV/400. Yes, it is pink. Pinker than I expected, actually. I was expecting a red with a pinkish tinge, but this is definitely closer to strawberry ice cream than fresh strawberries from the garden. It’s really sort of hot pink. But at least it’s not boring. 🙂

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