10 Oct

Sheila’s weblog has turned into a Mariners weblog. Not that that’s a bad thing. 🙂 I would do the same, except the last time I posted much about the M’s here they went into a tailspin. So read it on Sheila’s page instead, while I keep silent in order not to jinx the team. (Why is it that baseball brings out the superstition in me?)

02 Oct

Jason is auctioning off a Pixelvision PXL 2000 Camcorder at eBay. It’s very cool. It was made by Fisher Price in the 1980s. It records moody black and white video on audio cassette tapes. A friend of mine used one of our PXL 2000s to make a music video a few years ago; it really looked great. Anyway, we are selling this one to add money to the “Buy Wendi an iMac” fund, so if you want to go bid on it… by all means, please do!

02 Oct

My BBS, Slumberland (now in its tenth year of operation), has finally moved onto the Internet. You no longer have to dial in by modem the old-fashioned way — you can just telnet in directly. The system is still in beta, so if it doesn’t respond, try again a bit later.

The BBS is basically a place to have conversations about a variety of topics. It’s not a file leeching system or anything like that. It’s a lot of fun, though.

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