16 Sep

I’m not sure what some people are looking for when they come to this website. As you may know, when you visit a web site, the “referrer” information is stored in a log file. This information tells what kind of computer you were using, what browser, and where you came from. If you came from a search engine, you can tell what keywords you searched for in the search engine to find this site.

Often, though, the keywords don’t seem to have much to do with Slumberland. Here are some of the more unusual keywords and phrases that got visitors to this site recently:

“my taste buds are numb”

“i think grandma drinks too much”

“hellenizations prussianize tegucigalpa frosting kindness” (??)

“henry ii king of england”

“why do i feel like i m dying”

“whats up with the perculator”

“didn t have to burn them”

“prepare for death and follow me”

“parents who hate their bad ass kids”

“what is the meaning of raunchy”

“like the sea i could drown”

“then she took them off”

“my gal s all liquored up”

“i have nothing to believe in”


Weird, hmm? I bet the creative among you could come up with some amusing poems or haiku using these phrases. Send ’em to me, and I’ll post the best.

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