19 Aug

Well, after five years, there’s a new Elastica album coming out. That’s cool — I didn’t think they’d ever put out another one. But this article made me angry, and here’s why:

Aaron Axelson, music director at San Francisco’s KITS-FM, is a self-described “huge Elastica fan” … But when he listened to The Menace, which he said he likes, Axelson didn’t hear a song that would fit in the current modern-rock radio.

“I’m being a realist about it,” Axelson said. “I don’t think there’s a slot here in the format.”

No, God forbid a radio station should play anything that doesn’t sound exactly like everything else they play. They might actually have to, you know, take a risk or something, and we can’t have that! Sheesh!

This is a classic example of what’s wrong with radio today.

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