17 Aug

Lyrics I can identify with. I used to love radio, but corporate radio monopolies have destroyed what used to be a really enjoyable medium. I was in Nebraska last week, and on the Lincoln and Omaha airwaves, just like in Seattle or Portland, there’s a “Star1Ohwhatever” and a “Kiss” and a “Point” and many, many “Mix 90-somethings.” They all play the same music and sound exactly the same. Whatever happened to regional hits and local character? For that matter, what happened to playlists customized to suit local listeners’ tastes and to feature local acts? Like the song says:

Internet Radio / Playing things that don’t suck / If you don’t got Internet Radio / Brother, you’re sh*t outta luck

The day I can get Internet radio in my car is the day that I kiss AM/FM crap goodbye forever. I hope it’s soon.

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