28 Aug

I Hate Music is an “encyclopedia of musical badness.” I love music, including some of the bands mentioned, but I still get a kick out of this.

“If you feel the need to disagree with me, you may. However, it is worth pointing out that while I have every respect for your musical taste, you are wrong.”

24 Aug

If fans had a Hall of Fame vote, Edgar Martinez would be in. Damn straight. I don’t think we have to worry about it yet, though — Edgar’s got a few more good years ahead of him. But five years after he does retire, he belongs in the Hall. As one of the fans quoted in this article, David Bowman, says: “Like it or not as a concept, the designated hitter is a bona fide position in American League baseball. The Hall of Fame is supposed to honor the best of every position. At his position, Edgar is the best who ever played the game.”

24 Aug

For God’s sake, Junior, grow up! Maybe his hamstring has been bothering him for his entire career, if that’s why he can’t run hard to first.

Junior’s lack of hustle in running the bases has always bugged me, even when he was at his peak of success in Seattle. I respect players that hustle even in a lost cause. Jay Buhner, for example — a slow runner, but he always seems to put his all into it. I respect that much more than Griffey’s lackadaisical jogging around the basepaths.

24 Aug

It looks like the end is near for the Montreal Expos. I hate to see baseball teams relocate. It’s heartbreaking. I grew up hearing about the Seattle Pilots’ betrayal (now they’re the Milwaukee Brewers, whom I loathe with a passion), and in the 1980s through mid-90s, I lived in fear that I’d wake up one day to see the Mariners in Tampa Bay. Now at least the M’s are safe, but other teams are where the Mariners used to be. Even the lowly Expos (and the Twins, who are in a similar spot) have fans — I really feel for them.

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