14 Jul

Jason and I sat around the house with plastic wrap on our heads tonight (Thursday, though this post is dated the next day), attempting to color our hair with Cappella File d’Oro henna from Lush. This is the first time I’ve tried henna. Poor Jason just got a little bit of it because my hair is too long and so I hogged most of the henna. Even then, Jason (who was helping me put the stuff on — what a mess) missed my hairline around my face, so the color is a bit uneven.

The result, after leaving the henna paste on for more than 3 hours: My hair is looking awfully auburn. When they say that the hair continues to brighten for a couple of hours after you remove the paste, they aren’t kidding, either. The color’s a little more red and less burgundy than I generally like, but so far I think it looks OK. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Jason’s hair got just a touch of red highlighting, but there was hardly any henna left for him, and he only left it on an hour, then went right to sleep. Perhaps his brightened later, as well.

Anyway, the process was really messy, but in many ways much more pleasant than drugstore chemical coloring. I might try it again.

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