28 Jul

According to an article in the Seattle P-I, mothers are finding that prosperity gives them choices.

“Many economists thought that higher female earning power would kill off the family,” she said. “Instead, women are using their earnings to buy back personal time.”

But the article points out that homemaking has become a luxury. “Among mothers with lower hourly pay, rising numbers are accepting full-time jobs.” At the same time, a growing number of women are choosing classic “women’s work,” such as nursing and teaching — jobs that often provide summers off or flexible shifts.

While I’m not a mom, I can certainly understand this.

25 Jul

I’ve been unusually busy, with very little time to post. Jason and I went to the Bite of Seattle and the Experience Music Project on Saturday. We saw the Heats, one of my favorite bands back when I was in high school, ate some good food, and then spent hours in the museum. It’s really an interesting place. We weren’t able to see the whole thing at all, though. We didn’t have time to look through the Hendrix gallery, and the Artist’s Journey ride was down. Since we got a family membership, though, we’ll be able to go back again for free.

My uncle’s band, the Frantics, got a lot of play in the Northwest Passage section of the EMP. In fact, they’re seen more than the Beatles or Beach Boys — perhaps that’s because the Beatles and Beach Boys are completely ignored. For that matter, even the Posies don’t get much attention at the EMP. Still, it’s really cool that the Frantics aren’t forgotten. Maybe I’ll put up some Frantics mp3s here someday, if I can get the stuff off my vinyl 45s.

I would have linked to a page about the Frantics here, but the only two I found both had incorrect band lineups (I think they might have gotten their info from the same incorrect source) and left my uncle’s name out! Let’s set it straight: the Frantics’ drummer during the peak of their career, for quite a few years, was Don Fulton. The band photos at the EMP and on the Frantics web pages show Don Fulton at the drums. Not some other guy. Don Fulton. Get it right.

Besides going to the EMP and looking for Frantics web sites, I’m also busy making skating dresses for my nieces. This is my first attempt at a skating dress. Yikes. I’ve also decided on a kind of 13th century costume for Halloween, so I’m starting to plan that. I think I’ll have to start work on it in August to finish it by Halloween, knowing me.

19 Jul

Oooooh! New iMac colors, new mouse, new keyboard…. drool. I want one! The Ruby one would be nice. But are they going to update Mac Internet Explorer 5 to include the new colors? (Mine is currently set to Tangerine, even though I, sadly, have a plain old beige SuperMac j700 upgraded to a G3.)

19 Jul

eMpTyV is a collection of music video reviews. Unfortunately, sometimes the guys don’t do their research (“I Melt With You” was not from 1989 — more like 1982.) and the lack of historical context in the reviews can be a bit grating. Still, it’s entertaining enough.

18 Jul

While I love my new Neon, I’ll admit I’ve had some curiosity about the new gas-electric hybrid cars like the Honda Insight. Thisreview of the Insight is interesting, especially when you find out that the Insight being reviewed has had some extra geeky modification, such as LCD cameras and screens replacing the side mirrors, and a windmill to recharge the batteries!

14 Jul

Jason and I sat around the house with plastic wrap on our heads tonight (Thursday, though this post is dated the next day), attempting to color our hair with Cappella File d’Oro henna from Lush. This is the first time I’ve tried henna. Poor Jason just got a little bit of it because my hair is too long and so I hogged most of the henna. Even then, Jason (who was helping me put the stuff on — what a mess) missed my hairline around my face, so the color is a bit uneven.

The result, after leaving the henna paste on for more than 3 hours: My hair is looking awfully auburn. When they say that the hair continues to brighten for a couple of hours after you remove the paste, they aren’t kidding, either. The color’s a little more red and less burgundy than I generally like, but so far I think it looks OK. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Jason’s hair got just a touch of red highlighting, but there was hardly any henna left for him, and he only left it on an hour, then went right to sleep. Perhaps his brightened later, as well.

Anyway, the process was really messy, but in many ways much more pleasant than drugstore chemical coloring. I might try it again.

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