13 Jun

I saw this in the Times the other day, and was going to post it then, but I forgot. I don’t know if the letter is a hoax or not, but, sadly, it’s kind of believable. So I’d like to thank MyLackey.com for narrowing down my choices of companies to work for, and also for narrowing down my choices of companies to hire, since I will never, ever give a dime of money to any company that operates this way.

People fought hard for the 40 hour work week. In Europe, they have shorter work weeks and six weeks of vacation guaranteed by law. I am willing to work hard, but what happened to the dream of leisure? I still think that a shorter work week and more vacation time are worth working toward, and there is no shame in admitting it.

Damned Puritan work ethic! Look what it’s done to us!

13 Jun

On a mailing list recently, we were talking about Seattle-area speech patterns, and how out here in the West, words like “cot” and “caught” sound exactly the same. People who came here from elsewhere say the two words are different. To explain it to the native Westerners, someone provided a link to Symbols for American English Vowel Sounds, which contains links to sound files that play the different vowel sounds. The one listed for “cause” sounds foreign to me — or, at least, East Coast. 🙂

13 Jun

I agree — Intel stepped way over the line with their Mac cover-up.

You know, for a while I was contracting for a company that contracted me to another company that contracted me to Intel. I worked on parts of their intranet, testing web pages, creating graphics, and fixing code. The best part is, I did it all on a Mac. I had to copy the work from the Mac to a Windows machine to get it onto the site, but it was done with Mac software, in the environment *I* prefer to work in. So part of the Intel intranet was “Made by Macintosh.” Muhahaha!

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