30 Jun

Since we live on a city street with a small yard, if we want to go out and play baseball, we have to play Wiffle Ball. I was surprised to find that there are specialized rules for Wiffle Ball. We’ve never bothered much with rules. You can also order customized Wiffle Balls and Bats.

30 Jun

I’m not sure why I like goofy road-trip stuff like this, but I do. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail, Welcome to America: welcome signs for all 50 states. Of course, I had to look at the signs for every state I’ve driven in (15 so far, and I’ve also been to Louisiana, though I’ve never driven a car there). That’s pretty weak, I know. Give me a break — states out here in the West are HUGE. You can’t drive through five or six states in one day out here.

23 Jun

Kevin Mitnick is prohibited from writing a column for an online magazine. (I suppose that under the terms of his probation, he’d have to write it on a typewriter, anyway.) Apparently the court expects him to get a job delivering pizza, or something — he certainly can’t make a living in most white-collar jobs with the restrictions they’ve put him under.

Now that I think about it, lots of pizza places use a computerized ordering system, too. So he can’t even work there. What’s left? Garbageman? Roofer? Landscaper?

21 Jun

This year’s garden is starting to produce. The strawberry patch is giving us lots of big, delicious strawberries. It’s not big enough to produce enough berries to can, but it’s enough that we’ve been eating a lot of strawberry shortcake. For dinner we’ve been eating a lot of salads with fresh garden lettuce and raw peas. (I hate cooked peas, but raw ones are good and sweet.) The tomatoes are all thriving, despite the torture I put them through as seedlings (let’s just say they got a bit leggy). We are going to have a ton of tomatoes this year! I just ate my first raspberry from our raspberry plants, and the corn is sprouting. Things are looking good this summer on the garden front.

21 Jun

I am really enjoying The 1900 House on PBS. (It’s like a PBS version of The Real World. A modern family moves into a home that is state-of-the-art — in 1900. For three months, they have to live, dress and eat exactly as a family in 1900 would have, while being filmed.) The second episode was last night. It only took three days of dealing with turn of the last century reality for the mother to become completely unhinged — but I really can’t blame her. The amount of sheer labor that was required to keep house in those days was just staggering. No wonder my great grandma (who married in 1902) got to look so old, so quickly.

21 Jun

I got spam from Network Solutions today:

Dear Wendi Dunlap,

Renew your domain name for 2-10 years and you’ll get
a personalized T-shirt–at no cost! Just think, not
only do you get the peace of mind knowing that your
domain name is secure for a few more years, but you
also get a T-shirt with your domain name on it!

Oooh. Ahhh. A T-shirt. Yeah, that really makes me want to send NetSol a bunch of money. Sheesh.

20 Jun

Apex DVD players have been banned by Ebay by request of Macrovision, who make the copyright protection that is used on DVDs. The original editions of the Apex player had a hidden menu that allowed you to turn off the copy protection. Macrovision invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which outlaws anyone from selling technology that can be used to get around “protection afforded by a technological measure that effectively protects a right of a copyright owner.” So, basically, even if you had no intention of pirating DVDs, you are technically prohibited from ever selling an Apex player with the hidden menu. Maybe you’re just interested in the player’s ability to play mp3s. Too bad! The DMCA strikes again!

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