22 May

Another birthday this weekend. (Despite all the hints, none of my family members bought me anything from my wishlist. Well, there’s always Christmas.) I can’t believe I’m 35. I guess I will have to come to terms with being in my thirties, now. I can’t even say I’m in my early thirties anymore. Yikes. I still think of myself as 19. But on my 19th birthday, I believe the new hot song on the radio was “When Doves Cry”, by Prince. A new R.E.M. album, Reckoning, was about to come out, and I was looking forward to seeing R.E.M. at the Music Hall on June 27th. I was going out with Eric, skateboarding around campus, finishing my first year of college, and generally having a great time. I still feel 19, but all of that seems like it was a lifetime ago. Brief moments from that time live in my memory like a collection of snowglobes that I take down, hold, shake, and look at for a while before returning them to the shelf for next time. Maybe I should write a few of them down someday.

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