30 May

Ticketmaster acquired TicketWeb. Does anyone remember when there was actual competition in the ticket business? I remember when you always had to check to see which ticket company handled tickets for the show you wanted, then go to one of their outlets and buy the tickets in person. It wasn’t that long ago. (Seattle folks — remember “Fidelity Lane”?) I’ve got to think that service and charges would be better if there was a little competition. But, um, DUH.

23 May

Dawn dolls! I had (at least) a Dawn, a Glori, and a Gary. I didn’t remember that these dolls had such huge eyes — almost like Keane paintings. I remember that I liked Dawn better than Barbie because she was smaller and could actually fit into my doll house. I also thought that Dawn was more delicate and beautiful. And every Dawn outfit came with a gold dress stand to hang the clothes on when the doll wasn’t wearing them. We found those gold plastic things around the house occasionally for many years after I outgrew the dolls.

22 May

Another birthday this weekend. (Despite all the hints, none of my family members bought me anything from my wishlist. Well, there’s always Christmas.) I can’t believe I’m 35. I guess I will have to come to terms with being in my thirties, now. I can’t even say I’m in my early thirties anymore. Yikes. I still think of myself as 19. But on my 19th birthday, I believe the new hot song on the radio was “When Doves Cry”, by Prince. A new R.E.M. album, Reckoning, was about to come out, and I was looking forward to seeing R.E.M. at the Music Hall on June 27th. I was going out with Eric, skateboarding around campus, finishing my first year of college, and generally having a great time. I still feel 19, but all of that seems like it was a lifetime ago. Brief moments from that time live in my memory like a collection of snowglobes that I take down, hold, shake, and look at for a while before returning them to the shelf for next time. Maybe I should write a few of them down someday.

18 May

20 years ago today, Mount St. Helens erupted. I was getting ready for church when it happened. We didn’t hear the noise where we were in Seattle, but we heard the news reports pretty quickly.

The day after that the sky was cloudy, and summer never really came that year. Meteorologists insisted that the ash had nothing to do with it, but I still believe that St. Helens gave us a Year Without A Summer.

18 May

Arrests have been made in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four girls. I’ve heard about this bombing for my whole life, but never realized that no one had ever been arrested. Wow. If these guys did it, they must have really thought they were getting away with it after nearly 40 years. 40 years of life that those little girls who died in the bombing didn’t get to have. The LA Times story about this says,

“‘The fact is, this case could have been brought to trial, and very probably successfully tried, 35 or 36 years ago,’ Potok said. ‘But it was not, and the reason it was not was J. Edgar Hoover’ (…) who despised King, (and) speculated that blacks in Birmingham had bombed their own church to draw sympathy to their cause.”

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