30 Apr

I had a lengthy post written here and then Blogger wasn’t responding so I managed to lose it. I am annoyed. Anyway, the post was about a page about the old SHAZAM! tv show from the ’70s. I used to love the show, but maybe it was just because I thought the actor Michael Gray was cute. SHAZAM! was his last acting job, according to the IMDB; now he apparently runs a florist business in LA.

26 Apr

Rob has been mentioning Bendos in his journal a lot lately, so I finally checked them out. It seems to be an attempt to start a Beanie Baby-like craze, complete with retiring a few Bendos every couple of months. But, dammit, they are really cool. How can you not like a character named Sir Wincealot? And Shark Man is neat, though as a supervillain he falls a little flat. If there is a League of Substitute Villains, he’d fit right in.

18 Apr

When I was a kid in the ’70s there were still a few soda fountains around, though they were already long past their heyday. They’ve gotten scarcer and scarcer, and that’s a shame. Every neighborhood needs a good soda fountain. If you agree, sodafountain.com is for you: history, recipes, soda ratings, ice cream information, and lots more. Note that the recipe section has recipes from 100 years ago, and a disclaimer at the beginning states:

“The use of raw eggs can cause salmonella,?
the use of sassafras can cause cancer, and cocaine is no longer an acceptable ingredient in soft drinks.”

I guess they lived dangerously back then.

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