17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. (I notice that Google changed their logo for the day.) In honor of one of my favorite holidays, enjoy some Irish language and related links. Interested in Ogham, an ancient writing method? Visit Gach uile rud faoi Ogham ar an Líon. There is an online Gaelic course in German and English. News from the Auld Sod can be found at Irish Newspapers On-line. Last but definitely not least, Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán is a massive list of Gaelic language resources. While enjoying these links, you might like a cup of Irish coffee with some traditional brown bread, or some Guinness.

15 Mar

My wisdom teeth are no longer part of me. They’re sitting in a little envelope on the table. I am feeling relatively well, considering, so I decided to do a little browsing for information on wisdom tooth extractions. I found a rather interesting article from 1996 that indicates that the brain circuitry of pain relief differs between sexes.

“Our studies provide evidence that biologically, men and women do not obtain pain relief in the same way.”

I don’t know. All I know at the moment is that the Novocaine or whatever that was used to numb me worked exceptionally well — I was really numb for 6 hours after the surgery ended. The Vicodin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have made much difference. I took it and got a really bad stomach ache, and my former tooth space felt achy but OK. Then I didn’t take another Vicodin when the first one wore off — just a couple of Aleve. I feel the same amount of pain (that is, some but not a horrible amount) but no stomach ache. So far, the Aleve wins.

12 Mar

Sorry, I’ve been offline more than usual lately, so not many updates.

While browsing today, I was randomly looking for websites at domain names named after 1980s pop bands. Surprisingly, there is a kajagoogoo.com, but no menatwork.com web server (though there are menatwork.com.au and menatwork.com.il — menatwork.com is registered, but not used for the web, apparently). You would think that someone would have grabbed menatwork.com, if not for the band, perhaps for male p_0_r_n or something. Anyway, I found an amusing page by former Kaja Nick Beggs, in which he describes how the name “Kajagoogoo” came about:

My final thoughts were:
“If you can market a band called Kajagoogoo,
you can market anything”.

He does have a point.

Anyway, there is no www.dexysmidnightrunners.com, either. And people say we’re running out of domain names…!

09 Mar

This would be much cooler if I actually had the 3-D glasses. Speaking of 3-D, I hate to link to a M*cros*ft site, but you gotta admit that seeing the Kingdome implode in 3-D would be pretty darned cool. The site also has a bunch of other implosions to enjoy, you vicariously destructive voyeurs, you. As a lowly Mac user, I don’t know if I can even view these implosions. Sigh. But I can still get them to send me the free 3-D glasses. Muhahaha!

07 Mar

When I was a child, one of my favorite places in the world was Jones’ Fantastic Museum, located in the bowels of the old Food Circus (now the Center House), near the International Bazaar. The Museum was an old-fashioned “dime museum,” with bizarre collections, electronic gadgets (only 10 cents to try the DEATH RAY!), a dead (or sleeping?) vampire, and Olaf the Giant. I suppose it was probably quite tame compared to a true 19th-century dime museum, but for a small child like me, it was exotic, entertaining, and, yes, scary (in places). Unfortunately, the Museum closed in the late Seventies around the time of a major Center House renovation that got rid of the Bubbleator (scroll down at this link to find the Bubbleator stuff) and most of the remnants of the Bazaar.

I was thinking about the Museum today, and decided to do a web search. Sadly, there’s not much out there, but I did find a reference at Roadside America, which claims that a version of the Museum was open in Redmond, OR and later in Sisters, OR, but no one knows where it is now. I also found a remembrance of the Museum on a message board about sideshows. I miss Jones’ Fantastic Museum. I wish shomeone would bring it back.

While searching for this info, I stumbled on A Seattle Lexicon: Blasts From The Past. I’m not that old, but I’m familiar with almost everything in this lexicon. It’s sad how much is now gone.

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