24 Mar

MMMBop.com? Hanson is working with David Bowie’s company to start their own ISP — Hanson Net. Fans will have access to Hanson-customized Web browsers, tour news, audio and video, but unlike Bowie, no Hanson Bank (yet).

Speaking of the Bowie-branded online bank, BowieBanc.com, it kind of looks like they let their domain name lapse, or something. It’s just got a register.com placeholder page right now, and the WHOIS listing shows that the domain’s info was ch-ch-ch-changed yesterday. The last time I looked at the page it was definitely the real thing. Did Bowie give up on this venture already?

23 Mar

I used to have a Hawaiian Nightmare party every year: a celebration of Hawaiian kitsch, complete with prizes for the best “tacky tourist” costume. It’s been three or four years since the last one (which was number 12 or 13, I think), but I’m starting to get the itch to have another one. Time to get out the tiki mug collection, light the tiki torches, and try on the aloha shirt. Maybe this year we’lll build an actual tiki bar for the party. And all attendees will be known by their Hawaiian names for the duration of the event. (I am Weniki. Jason is Iakona.) Hmm. Now comes the hard part: scheduling time to do this. Aloha!

22 Mar

The nifty hidden features included in the Apex AD-600A DVD player have caused the MPAA some concern, according to Wired News.

“Thanks to Nerdout.com, both users and the MPAA are aware that the Apex AD-600A player’s DVD copyright protection scheme and regional encoding features can be overridden.”

Wired phrased that well. Millions of geeks say “Thanks, Nerdout.com!” (Among other things.)

Jason bought one right away, of course. Besides the geeky features the MPAA hates, it also has built-in karaoke. What’s not to love?

21 Mar

I just got a spam that ended with the paragraph:

If you are completely opposed to any and all commercial email, ask
your Internet Service Provider to make your email address unlisted.
Your address cannot be harvested if it is a non-published address.
Your ISP is bound by the U.S. Federal Privacy Act and must comply
with your request if you are paying for their services.

The sad part is that people will believe this. But I got the last laugh; as usual, I sent the spam right on to SpamCop for processing and (hopefully) spammer destruction.

21 Mar

Latest time-waster: a new addition to my radio station (streaming audio station? Net radio station?) site that lists the current song playing and the last 20 or so songs played. My station, d23Radio, isn’t the only one worth listening to at live365.com, though — I also enjoy Power Pop Radio, Joel’s Pop Hut, Jangle Radio, and Radio Radio. (Warning, I don’t think these links work in all browsers. And you need to have Winamp, SoundJam, RealPlayer, or something equivalent.)

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