21 Mar

I just got a spam that ended with the paragraph:

If you are completely opposed to any and all commercial email, ask
your Internet Service Provider to make your email address unlisted.
Your address cannot be harvested if it is a non-published address.
Your ISP is bound by the U.S. Federal Privacy Act and must comply
with your request if you are paying for their services.

The sad part is that people will believe this. But I got the last laugh; as usual, I sent the spam right on to SpamCop for processing and (hopefully) spammer destruction.

21 Mar

Latest time-waster: a new addition to my radio station (streaming audio station? Net radio station?) site that lists the current song playing and the last 20 or so songs played. My station, d23Radio, isn’t the only one worth listening to at live365.com, though — I also enjoy Power Pop Radio, Joel’s Pop Hut, Jangle Radio, and Radio Radio. (Warning, I don’t think these links work in all browsers. And you need to have Winamp, SoundJam, RealPlayer, or something equivalent.)

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