17 Feb

Seattle Mariners’ pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today; the rest of the team checks in on Wednesday. Coincidentally, it’s a bright sunny day in Seattle. Spring is almost here. Really. Repeat it often enough and you might begin to believe it.

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you forgot to buy your loved one a gift, you can always go to the Cyrano Server and, via a Mad Libs sort of process, create a customized love letter to e-mail your sweetie. You can also create a break-up letter,but y’know, dumping someone on Valentine’s Day would be really mean. It would probably come back to bite you later. Don’t do it.

10 Feb

About yesterday’s Coca-Cola rant, Coke themselves have a slightly different take on the situation. According to Coke,

We also asked the creators of this site, a web design firm called Maxistore LLC, to provide us with information to show that the vintagecocacola.com website was created by senior citizens who wanted to showcase their collections. However, Maxistore has not done this. As far as we can tell, the website was created solely by Maxistore LLC, which was using our trademark to advertise its own services and to provide links to auctions of Coca-Cola memorabilia. Up until February 7, 2000, the site contained advertisements for Maxistore.net and its web hosting services.

Hmm. The FAQ goes on to say that Coca-Cola has no objection to their use of the domain name as long as the site carries no commercial content, and that they’ve allowed other collectors’ sites to use Coca-Cola in their domain names.

A couple news stories I’ve seen seem to tell a different story. But having read all of this, I must say Coke’s explanation does have a ring of truth to it.

10 Feb

Regarding the Ken Griffey Jr. trade, MSNBC has posted an article that pulls no punches, headlined It really is time for Junior to go/Mariners grew sick and tired of Griffey’s constant whining. An excerpt:

In truth, Griffey for years has used his flair for the spectacular to conceal a crabby side that has turned a once bouncy clubhouse into something that feels like a deflated beach ball.

Sadly, I think whichever side you’re on, the entire Griffey affair has got to leave a sour taste in your mouth. It’s heartbreaking for a baseball idealist like myself. What’s worse, my memories of that magical 1995 stretch run have been tarnished by the way Junior’s Seattle tenure ended. I’ll never be able to enjoy those memories in the same way.

I had another paragraph to add here, but I really don’t feel up to posting it. It was bitter. Let’s just say that if would be true justice if the M’s win the Series this year.

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